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We help companies stay connected with the latest technology by engineering buildings that are all about facilitating interaction. Buildings that have the intelligence to register, analyse and act to changing uses, changing users and changing times.

With a clear focus on an engineering infrastructure for the long term. And structures that are perfect for today, and smart enough for tomorrow. Using the technology of today and tomorrow.

How do you benefit from bGrid

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User Interaction

Know exactly where everything is, real time. Find colleagues, workplaces, devices and assets. Room and catering booking.



Personalised location safety and security based on personal device, authorisation and location.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Individual footprint monitoring, bench marking, real time usage based energy reduction policies.

Building & Personal Productivity

Building & Personal Productivity

Optimisation of building usage based on historic usage and real time demand and occupancy, personalised device control.

The people of bGrid

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Wouter Kok


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Hugo Jansen

Commercial Director

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"A smart building is a building that breathes, nurtures and supports, that responds to its users' actual needs, and lets its users flourish. Enabled by continuous interaction with its users and its environment."

Wouter Kok,

The Edge, Amsterdam

Deerns created a completely integrated concept utilising the latest in Smart Building technology.

Building and personal productivity:

  • Saving energy by automatically detecting used and empty rooms
  • Light and Climate Control from personal devices
  • Automatically apply personal comfort settings in rooms from device

User Interaction:

  • Way finding & workplace finding
  • Room and catering booking
    • Your Personal climate and lighting settings find you
    • Find your colleagues
    • Find your services

Personal Comfort:

  • Automated personal climate
  • Automated personal light
  • Automated personal daylight shading

Rijkswaterstaat Rijswijk, Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, The Netherlands

An upgrade to an existing real estate property by adding Smart Bulding technology in a live office environment. Delivering Smart Building apps without renovating.


  • Way finding, workplace finding, find your colleague, route finding
  • Room booking
  • Find me

Personal Comfort:

  • Personal lighting
  • Personal climate

From smart gadgets to a smart building with one end-to-end integration specialist

Find out how we can help you get from Internet of too many Things to Integration of Things:
one integrated smart functionality, one interface for all user applications,
one secure network, coordinated communication.

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How your company benefits from bGrid

Project developers

Project developers

Increase the value of buildings without large upfront investments for future possibilities and technology integrations.



Enrich and expand the overall experience with technical feasible Smart Building technology and an integrated approach.

Building owners

Building owners

Utilise an end-to-end integrated approach and ensure an open system with full flexibility for future technology.

Institutional investors

Institutional investors

Get the best integration between IT and Facilities with a cost effective and flexible implementation of the latest developments.

Facility managers

Facility managers

Reduce facility and asset costs significantly whilst increasing user experience and personal comfort.

bGrid provides smart building solutions to create buildings in which the user plays a central role. We help organisations to remain one step ahead of technological developments through designing buildings that combine interaction with intelligence. Buildings that are intelligent enough to recognise, analyse and react to changes.

The vision of bGrid is that a building becomes the Personal Assistant of the user. Users are supported by the building, making work more effective, pleasant, safe and sustainable. So users will perform better.

We achieve this through the integration of ICT with buildings and the deployment of the Internet of Things, such as smart lighting and climate control, the positioning of business resources, measuring usage and optimising security. And all this in real time.

Almost everything in a building can be controlled or followed. The solutions of bGrid bring many technologies together to realise an Integration of Things based on an open, flexible Internet of Things backbone for buildings.

bGrid is a young, fast-growing organisation that has emerged from Deerns and Evalan BV. The bGrid team comprises consultants and engineers who specialise in electrical engineering, software, mechanical engineering and industrial design.